Amy & Dave Roos

Starting their journey together in 2006, Amy and Dave have always enjoyed working together to achieve their respective and joint dreams. Amy has always had a love for horses.  It is a love she shared with Dave and their 2 children. As the children began to participate in equine activities, and their own enjoyment grew, Amy and Dave decided to start getting more involved with horses and they have never looked back.  Now, with Dave’s help, Amy has fulfilled one of her childhood dreams: to own and run a family equine facility. They believe deeply that Diamond Acres is a family and they look forward to welcoming you!

Brynne Bassler

A Niles native, Brynne Bassler grew up learning the life of horses through her aunt, Hope. She received her first pony at age 7. Starting her journey in 4H, and continuing to ride and show in the American Quarter Horse and Paint Horse industries throughout her teenage years. At age 17, Brynne graduated high school and moved to Texas to fulfill her dream of becoming a full time horse trainer and coach. It’s here where she obtained the knowledge and experience necessary to train multiple World and Congress Champions. Brynne also owned her own business training and showing, and traveled around the country to shows. After 18 years in Texas, Brynne moved back to Niles with her family where she met the Roos family.  Brynne is continuing to share her knowledge and expertise through training and coaching horses and riders at Diamond Acres.